Saturday, January 10, 2009

One Year

Ok, so it's been a big fat year since I've blogged. So here it is in a nut shell.


-Upgraded to Captain on the E-190
-Spent about 150 nights away from home
-Tiled the downstairs bathroom
-Put hardwood in Master bedroom, Upstairs Hallway, and Family Room
-Cooked hundreds of breakfast's
-Put a lot of hours on HIS boat
-Was very good to his wife and kids

-Started her first job away from home in many years working part time for a non profit organization for the aging.
-Has 30 new grandmothers
-Quit biting her fingernails
-Took 30 Senior Citizens to the "Senior Prom"
-Ran for Alzheimers
-Did 365 loads of laundry
-Did 365 loads of Dishes
-Wiped a 3 year old butt at least 365 times
-Vacuumed 580 miles of carpet
-Turned the big "30"
-Coached Soccer
-Had a lot of fun with family and friends

-Finished first grade and started second
-Played soccer and ROCKED
-Reads ALL the time
-Fell in love with the Jonas Brothers
-Confuses herself with Hannah Montana
-Continues to be the "easy" one, sweet as can be
-Has a BFF, and many others... Very much a social butterfly
-Skiing on the BIG SKIS
-Lost her hamster to the cat :( Poor Squeeky

-Started Kindergarten and loves his teacher
-Continued to be hilarious
-Lost a ton of teeth.... because he forced them out.
-Played soccer
-Is also Skiing on the BIG SKIS and loves the tube
-Helped dad with every project
-Loves to write books
-Played with friends
-Dug Holes
-Got a killer light saber for his birthday
-Has spent many hours playing with Legos
-Had a stitchless year
-Neutropenia still lingering

-Was Cute
-Was Naughty
-Sucked his thumb for 1000 hours
-Has a girlfriend
-Potty Trained!!
-Got ear tubes
-Got a new bike
-Helped dad
-Spent many hours playing outside
-Ate a lot of pancakes